25 Books to Gift on Christmas 2022

25 Books to Gift on Christmas 2022
25 Books to Gift on Christmas 2022

Do you ever get that deep desire to start a family countdown to Christmas tradition? I think about what I want to do with my future kids come December 1st and have a super special way to usher in Christmas and I think having 25 countdown Christmas books to read is a sweet idea. I can just picture it now…my children cuddled on my lap, fire crackling in the fireplace, tree all lit up in beautiful bright lights and a story filling the heads of my sweet children before being sent off to bed. Yes, I might have a romantic mind.

With this picture in mind, I came across a pin a few years ago  that had the idea of wrapping 25 Christmas books and reading one each day. When I saw it, I knew that is what I was envisioning for my future family Christmas tradition. I don’t know how I would like wrapping all the books, but I love the idea of being totally surprised with what book my children picked each day and to see the looks of excitement in their eyes.

My mom’s faith was shaken when she learned as a young child that Santa is not real. She began to question that if Santa wasn’t real than maybe Jesus isn’t real, either. It is due to this and the fact that my dad’s parents never told him that Santa was real that I grew up not believing in Santa. I was told that Santa is just a story about a historic man names St. Nick and has since become the mascot of Christmas.

Because of my upbringing, I would only really want to read Christmas books that kept Jesus as the reason for the season. (Not because I don’t want my children to hear the fun stories of Santa). I went on a hunt to see if such books existed and I’m happy to say that I have found 25 really great books with a basis of the birth of Jesus.

25 books for Christmas:

  1. The Jesse Tree – An unlikely relationship is formed when a man tells the story of the lineage of Christ to a young boy.
  2. An Orange for Frankie – Take an unimaginable journey as you learn about a gift of giving and one orange.
  3. One Wintry Night – A lost boy is rescued from grandmotherly woman and is told the story of God’s world.
  4. Punchinello and the Most Marvelous Gift – Who’s contribution will be the best of them all?
  5. Clopper the Christmas Donkey – Travel to Bethlehem with Mary and Joseph and their donkey, Clopper.
  6. Humphrey’s First Christmas – A grumpy camel travels alongside the three wise men, following a shining star.
  7. The Crippled Lamb – Why can’t I walk? A young lamb asked. What he didn’t know is that he was to see the baby Jesus!
  8. Christmas from Heaven – A WWII soldier shares his candy with two children and things become really big!
  9. The Christmas Miracle – A grumpy old man’s life is touched by a widow woman and her son as he makes a nativity scene.
  10. The Gift of the Christmas Cookie – During the depression, a young boy makes a cookie and ends up sharing God’s love.
  11. The Homeless Christmas Tree – A homeless woman decides to decorate a tree and gives hope to the homeless people.
  12. Bambinelli Sunday – A young boy learns that good things can come from negative experiences.
  13. Josie’s Gift – A poverty-stricken family is faced with a saddening effect, but on Christmas morning they realize true joy.
  14. Jacob’s Gift – A young carpenter wants to make a special gift, but he doesn’t know what. Will his gift help the baby Christ?
  15. My Christmas List – Learn to see what Christmas is like in other countries.
  16. The Promise – A mute orphan boy is told that his mother’s shawl will be needed by a King and will talk when he gives it.
  17. Itsy Bitsy Christmas – Small kids often feel like they are “too small”, but what these mice find out is we are all unique.
  18. The Christmas Star – Two young kids follow the shining star, taking their toys to give to baby Jesus.
  19. The Littlest Angel – What can a little angel give to the baby King? Read and find out!
  20. Alabaster’s Song – Travel back in time with a young boy and his angel friend as they travel to Bethlehem to find baby Jesus.
  21. The Christmas Angels – Learn about the angels who announced the coming of the Christ-child.
  22. The Little Shepherd’s Christmas – When a little lamb runs away from the flock, a shepherd follows and finds baby Jesus.
  23. Miracle in the Manger – Learn the story of the Christ-child’s birth.
  24. Room for a Little One – One night a group of animals make room for a couple of strangers and welcome the birth of Christ.
  25. The Very First Christmas – This is a very thorough story of the birth of Christ.

As an addition, I also want to recommend some of my favorite Christmas reads for the adults and young adults:

You could also do some advent activity books as a family, such as Truth in the Tinsel, 100+ Christmas Crafts for Kids OR read as a family with this list of advent books!

What are some of your Christmas holiday traditions?

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