Cat6 vs Cat7 vs Cat8 Cable: What’s the Difference?

Cat6 vs Cat7 vs Cat8 Cable: What’s the Difference?
Cat6 vs Cat7 vs Cat8 Cable: What’s the Difference?

Ethernet cable comes in a variety of varieties, including Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7, Cat8, and so on. However, not everyone understands the differences between Cat6 and Cat7, Cat7 and Cat8, and so on. As a result, many people are unsure about which Ethernet cable to use for their network.

Given the widespread interest in Cat6, Cat7, and Cat8 Ethernet patch cables, let’s concentrate on these three types of Ethernet patch cables in the following paragraph, particularly the comparison of Cat6 versus Cat7 and Cat7 vs Cat8. Please see Quick View of Cat5, Cat5e, and Cat6 Cables for more information on Cat5 and Cat5e patch cables.

LAN Cable. So, which LAN cable should we use?and how many types of LAN cables are available in market? Which one should I use? CAT5, CAT6, CAT5E?

There is a lot of confusion. How many types of cables come? Which cable should we use where, we don’t know anything.. We just go to the market and pick a CAT6 cable. Where are these cables used? How much data is transferred through this? And which types of cables will work properly in which locations.

Let’s talk about LAN cable. How many types of LAN cable are there? If we start with LAN cable, which is obsolete now. CAT3 used to come, which is no more available So, what all is available right now. CAT5, CAT5E are available now. You must have noticed, CAT5E is written on the box. Next comes CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7 Latest one, which even I have not seen is CAT8

What is this CAT?

CAT has been derived from CATEGORY. Full form of CAT is CATEGORY and 5, 6, 7, 8 are its versions. So, What is the difference? Let’s first talk about CAT5. First of all, in CAT5 cable, we have only 2 pairs. In this cable, 100 MBPS data Mega Bit per second data. Mega bit and Mega Byte are two separate things. So, we can transfer data of 100 MBPS

We can lay this cable up to 100 meters. Means there will be no data interruption. We get a frequency of 100 MHz The maximum bandwidth will be of 100 MHz. CAT5 cables are obsolete in the market. Still the Internet Service providers(ISP) companies they use this cable. Because, what they require is From their switch or junction placed on terrace They bring a cable downstairs for internet.

That internet speed, some has 10MBPS, some 20 MBPS and some have 50 MBPS. There, this cable works easily. Here, this cable is used most often. In this they have twi pair. what we use is either 1, 2, 3 or 6. We will talk about this later sometime. Here, 4 pairs are used, so it becomes easy and economical. So, they benefit using this cable.

Now, we will talk about CAT5E. What is new in CAT5E?
First difference is that we have 4 pair cable here. In CAT5 it was 2 pair, here its 4 pair. Secondly, 1 Gbps data can travel in this. Yes, we can make 1000 Mbps data travel in this. Means the traffic of data in this cable can be up to 1000 Mbps. whether data comes or goes, 1000Mbps data can travel. Maximum length that we can lay this cable is 100 meters.There won’t be any problem

And if we talk about MHz, maximum bandwidth that this carries is of 100 MHz. A lot of people can use this CAT5 cable. This is twisted pair, which is why you are getting data of 1Gbps.

What is different here?

The difference between the CAT5 and CAT5E In CAT5E, the pairs are twisted, if you can see. because of twisted pair, the interference or the cross talk a reduced a lot. In CAT5, it is less twisted and in CAT5E, it is twisted more. because of which we get good speed.

So, this type of cable we can use at many places. It’s not that we should use CAT6 only. You can see, 1GB data is easily taken in CAT5E. You are also getting bandwidth of 100 MHz. This can be used at many places. You can save your money. A lot of cameras can be installed with this cable. Not necessary that we have to go with CAT6 only. You get a distance of 100 meters with 1 GB data speed. you can calculate how many cameras, its frequency and the data it requires. The you can use CAT5E properly. It’s one of the best cables, for home purpose. You can easily use CAT5 cable. You want to make a small network, connect a computer and a printer. 3-4 computers are there, then all this can be done easily. You will not face any issue. Next cable that we will talk about is most popular in our industry – CAT6. Here, also you get 4 pair cable

In CAT6, the speed of data becomes 10 Gbps. Yes, we can transfer up to 10 Gbps data in this cable. Along with this, the cable length here is 55 meters. If you go beyond 55 meters, you will face problem. In CAT6, we can lay the cable up to 55 meters. This supports maximum bandwidth of 250 MHz. One more thing we get extra here. You would have see, there is a plastic separator inside the cable.

So, the benefit here is.. Firstly, our speed is now 10 Gbps. that is because the twisted pair, which we had discussed during CAT5A, is better in this. Speed increases due to it. Because of the plastic separator, the interference and the cross talk is reduced. So, this CAT6 cable is very popular. But, always remember one thing. We have to keep the distance length of 55 meters.

There is premium quality of CAT6 cable, where there is a shield on the cable. Whenever, you open a cable or purchase a cable, you must have seen a foil on it. Due to this foil, the outer interference. You must have seen a lot of mess connections and a lot of cables in a network. Due to these cables, data is affected and interference happens. which can be reduced by putting shield. So, the premium level cables are shielded. So, the words, UTP and STP are used for these only. You will not get shield in UTP cables. means they are unshielded.

What is CAT6A?

CAT6A cables are mostly used with IP cameras. Speed here is same. You get 10 Gbps speed. means you can transfer this much data through this cable. with this, what extra you get is, its length.
You will get a length of 100 meters and you also get a plastic separator in the cable. In this also, you will get options of UTP and STP. If you want to use premium cable, go with STP, and normal cable is required, go with UTP. So, this was CAT6A.

Now, when we talk about concealing. Sometimes, in residences or offices, we conceal the cables in walls. For concealing, CAT6 or CAT6A cables are always preferable. Never use CAT5. It is not recommended. One more thing that we get in CAT6A is its bandwidth, which is 500 MHz here. In CAT6, it was 250, in CAT6A, we get 500 MHz. So, this is a very good quality cable for you.

Let’s talk about CAT7 cable. This is a premium cable. Very few people use this. But, if you feel you have more amount of data. or you want to use a higher quality cable. or the network you have created is quite messy. and there is a lot of interference, then you can go for CAT7. What we get in CAT7 is speed of 10 Gbps. and we get length of 100 meters and we get a bandwidth of 600 MHz. The reason behind all these to be on higher side is that in this cable the two pairs are shielded means, out of the 4 pairs, shield is there in the pair of two. and there is a shield of top of all 4 combined. The cost of this cable is high because of these reasons only. Cable is a bit heavy. In cases of messy network and need to transfer heavy data you can use this there..

Let me tell you one more thing. one more cable CAT8 has come in to the market. wherein you can transfer data @ 40 Gbps. up to 30 meters If you lay a cable of 30 meters you can easily transfer data @ 40 Gbps.

Summary on Cat6 vs Cat7 vs Cat8

Last but not least, you can understand more clearly about the categories of the three Ethernet patch cables through the following table.

cat6 vs cat7 vs cat8 difference

What is Gbps and Mbps

Whenever you There is a normal switch and a Giga Switch. You must have heard of it if you working in CCTV industry. How much data will you be able to transfer through an Mbps switch. 100 Mbps. Here, Cat5e cable will will support. Cat 5, Cat6, Cat6a and Cat7 – all will also support But, the data you have is more. Then, you will have to change the switch which is there If you want to completely use Cat6A, and your data is more, then you will have to take Giga Switch because, the port inside it is Giga port So, when you have data of 1 GB or 10 GB. then, the port should also support it.

That’s why, nowadays, whichever computer or laptop comes, there is a Giga port or LAN port available in them If this port is not there, then you will have to get a Giga network port/ network adaptor from the market. I think, this video has given you a lot of knowledge. regarding which cable to use when and where. for how much distance it should be used. I believe that you have received very good information.