Top 10 haritage site in India

Top 10 haritage site in India

1. Taj Mahal, Agra This iconic ivory-white marble mausoleum is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his third wife Mumtaz Mahal,

2. Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Maharashtra: These two cave complexes, located near Aurangabad, Maharashtra, sculptures and paintings depicting Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain themes. Ajanta is famous for its vibrant frescoes, while Ellora houses the magnificent Kailasa temple, carved out of a single rock face.

3. Hampi, Karnataka: Once the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire, Hampi is an extensive ruins complex spread over 25 square kilometers. It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site . third wife Mumtaz Mahal,

4. Qutub Minar, Delhi: This towering 73-meter red sandstone pillar in Delhi and a significant example of Indo-Islamic architecture. It was built by Qutub-ud-din Aibak,

5. Khajuraho Group of Monuments, Madhya Pradesh: This cluster of Hindu and Jain temples, located in Madhya Pradesh, is famous for its intricate carvings, often depicting erotic scenes. .,

6. Jaipur, Rajasthan: Nicknamed the "Pink City" for its predominantly pink-painted buildings, Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. hal,

7. Red Fort, Delhi: This massive 17th-century fort, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was the main residence of the Mughal emperors for nearly 200 years. It's a sprawling complex with red sandstone walls,,

8. Sundarbans National Park, West Bengal: This mangrove forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located in the Ganges delta and is home to the Royal Bengal Tiger, ,

9. Chola Temples, Tamil Nadu: This group of Hindu temples, scattered across Tamil Nadu, were built by the Chola dynasty between the 10th and 12th centuries ,

10.Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu: This coastal town, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is dating back to the 7th-9th centuries. These monuments offer a glimpse into the Pallava dynasty's .,